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Protecting Baby Monitors with Cameras from Hackers

July 21, 2015

Many people became worried all over the world after it was revealed that a Russian website had hacked into thousands of cameras across UK homes. Parents were concerned that baby monitors with a camera in their homes would expose their children’s private lives. To assist you calm these fears, we are going to explain how you are going to keep your baby monitor with camera safely and prevent anybody from accessing it.

How Do Hackers Access My Baby Monitor?

One problem is that baby monitors are connected to the internet making them accessible to websites and apps which are opened to anyone. For a hacker to access the live footage, he or she will only need the correct login details (password and username) for your device.

The majority of the cameras that were affected are because many cameras are shipped with default login details. The users who purchase these cameras are not forced to change the default login details which are freely available from the manufacturer's website.

Should I Throw Away My Baby Monitor?

No, you should not throw away your baby monitor. All you need to do is to make it more secure. For example, for the last few years, people have been a piece of gum on the webcams of their Laptops and PCs to stop such kind of surveillance.

How do I Make my Baby Monitor More Secure?

The first thing you should do is to change the password. The following are some important aspects that will help you choose a secure password and managing your account:

Choosing A Secure Password

Ensure that the password you choose to protect all your technology, including your tablets, computer and mobile phone

Your password should have a combination of lower and upper case letters, keyboard symbols and numbers

A password should have at least eight characters long - this makes it harder for hackers to break or guess

Do not use obvious passwords such as your name, birthdays of your loved ones, numerical passwords, or PIN that uses descending or ascending number

Never recycle passwords. For instance password1, password2.

Looking After Your Password

Do not disclose your password to anyone else. Change your password immediately if you discover that someone else knows your password

Never enter the password when another person sees what you are typing

Always change your password regularly

If it is a must to write down the password for you to remember it, make sure that it is unusable or meaningless to other people by writing it in code

Never send the password by email. There is no reputable company will ask you to do this

Just like the way you lock the front door of your home or car, you also need to secure your online life too. You are leaving yourself at a greater risk of you do not use strong passwords on all your devices. It is also crucial to have a different password for every device. A criminal will be able to break into your systems if you only have one password. Your baby monitor with camera will always be safe from hackers if you follow the above guidelines. 


Facts About Buying and Using a Baby monitoring System

July 21, 2015

A baby monitoring system can give you peace of mind. You can do other things in other rooms of your house while your baby sleeps. A baby monitor transmits recognizable sound or video images. When buying a baby monitor, it is important to choose one that works with minimal interference, irritating noise or buzzing. Apart from interference, the other complaints about some baby monitoring systems include a short battery life, a reception range that is shorter than expected and low visibility. Choosing an efficient baby monitoring system is therefore essential. 


 Since public airwaves carry many different kinds of signals, there is bound to be some crossed signals. Most wireless products like laptops, tablets, older mobile phones and game consoles and microwave ovens share the 2.4 gigahertz radio frequency band. In order to minimize interference, you should look for baby monitoring system that utilizes Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications technology. Make sure that the baby monitor does not use the same frequency band as other kinds of wireless devices in your home. 

Types Of Baby Monitors 

 The two basic types of baby monitors are audio and audio/video. Some monitors are analog while others are digital. They all operate within a selected radio frequency band to send sound or visual images from an infant’s room to a receiver in another room. 


1 .Digital monitors – These baby monitors are more private than analog monitors. Their signals are encoded and for this reason, data cannot be intercepted. The images and sounds transmitted by a digital baby monitor are not received by neighbors who may have a similar model or a mobile phone utilizing the same frequency band. 

2.Analog monitors – They send signals that are not encrypted straight from the monitor to the receiver. 

3.Audio monitors – These monitors transmit the sounds a baby may be making. Some have lights that go on when an infant cries or makes other sounds. 

4.Audio/video monitors – These monitors have a small table top or wall mounted camera that transmits images to a video monitor. 

Shopping tips As you look for a baby monitor, you should decide if you want an audio monitor or one that lets you hear as well as see your infant. Seeing and hearing every movement and whimper is reassuring for most parents. However, some parents find such close surveillance to be distracting. The goal of having a baby monitoring system is to make it easier for you to observe your napping baby, not to create a constant source of worry. Some of the things you should consider when shopping for these devices include: 
The frequency – It is wise to buy a monitor that has multiple channels and operates on a different band from your mobile phone. For instance, you can choose a baby monitor that operates on 2.4 GHz instead of 900 MHz. · Lights – You can choose an audio monitor that lights up when your infant cries. Such a monitor is handy for keeping tabs on him/her when you are watching television, listening to music or talking over the phone.

Power – It is appropriate to choose a baby monitor that can be powered by both an AC adapter and batteries. Conclusion A good baby monitoring system can simplify the task of observing your infant. Nonetheless, you should remember that medical devices cannot prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. They cannot also take the place of breathing or heart monitors that are prescribed by a doctor.

Baby monitor summer

July 21, 2015


The Summer iphone infant touch is very squeezed in size, and a very streamlined graphic design and also style; it's the initially touch show video baby monitor. 

The excellent touch screen LCD display allows you to have interaction with, and watch your baby by employing the exact same "smart" phone technology that is now being used in the touch-screen phones. 


The Summer infant-baby touch monitor is likely the most modern infant monitor that is currently on the market. Boasting a bigger 3.5 in.touch screen, with night-time vision (black and white), that enables you to quickly and clearly see your newborn 24 hrs a day. The touch-screen screen means that you're capable to control if the video baby monitor zooms, scans, or pans in on your child with a simple touch of the menu.

3.5 Inch LCD Color Screen

The 3.5 in. LCD display offers you a really clear picture of your child, so that you see exactlywhat is going on. The display-screen is more than large enough so you can see your video clearly, yet still portable enough that you are easily able to put it just about anywhere in your home. A docking base gives a convenient way to charge the video monitor even though it is stilll being used. 

Video Baby-Monitor Reviews

The uncommonly quiet video may be remotely turned on, so you can change your perspective in order to be able to check on your baby at all times - even at night. The video baby monitor also has an extra battery pack just in case there is a power issue. Last but not least, the Summer kid Baby Touch Video Monitor has a two-way talk-back feature to permit you to communicate with your son or daughter at all times. 

Cutting-edge and brimming with features, this video baby monitor is the next generation of baby monitors.

Common Complaints

Individuals who have bought the Summer Infant have complained of experiencing color problems. However, it might be because the room is too dark. 

The baby monitor does have night vision, but it is not as high-quality as, say the Motorola MPB36. When it is dark the video is black and white, but whenever it is light, the color functions. What it seems like, is that the night time must be decidedly delicate.

The camera picture quality have been an issue with very few parents, but for the many parts siblings look really happy with the monitor. The inter-com is much great for all kinds of things as your little one grows older. However, being capable to change the camera locally is fine! This's a superb material simply because for its touch-screen, and also its overall excellent options, but it doesn't have the clearest video.


The Summer baby Day and Night Hand-held Colour video baby monitor is a great low-priced unit you can use to monitor your baby in a number of ways. Not only does it provide sound and light indicators but it also offers a detailed view of your baby in clear color during the day or in black and white using night vision.

The Summer Infant Day and Night Hand-held Colour Video Monitor has received 4-5 Star rating on most Baby Monitor Reviews sites. You can read a detailed review of this Summer Baby Video Monitor by clicking on the links at the bottom of this article. You also will find out where you can buy it at discount prices!